An initiative of Snow Leopard Enterprises

‘Shen’, meaning snow leopard in the local Spitian dialect, is an enterprise started by the women of Kibber and Chichim villages in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh to produce and sell local products that could supplement their livelihood.

  • Workshop in Chichim village

  • Trying out a crocheted earring

  • Red fox bookmark

  • Warm socks

  • Learning how to crochet

The Beginning

Nature Conservation Foundation and Snow Leopard Trust have been working for over 15 years on conserving the population of Snow Leopard and its prey species in the trans-Himalayan landscape of India. While various conservation initiatives carried out over the years have helped conserve the Snow Leopards, we continue to explore newer ways to strengthen our conservation focus. One such conservation initiative that has generated interest with local communities in this region is that of setting up an enterprise to produce and sell local products that could supplement their livelihood. Coupled with a strong conservation link, the enterprise could help further reinforce our sustained efforts to protect these endangered species.

A pilot project was started in 2013 with 50 women from Kibber and Chichim villages in Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh. They named this enterprise ‘SHEN’ meaning Snow Leopard in the local Spitian dialect. The money from these products will help them offset losses caused by livestock predation by carnivores. It also helps diversify their income and participate in wildlife conservation of species like the snow leopard, wolves, fox, bharal and ibex.


The Way Forward

Since we started we have held several workshops, first exploring the skills the ladies possess and then teaching them new skills. Currently they make crochet products such as fox bookmarks, sheep hot pot holders, warm socks, earrings and many more. There are several more villages who have come to join us in the winter of 2017. We will be dedicated to the old and the new villages this winter. We are also trying to work on  a model which is a little customizable for all. Hoping to create a synergy between the villages of the same landscape and also in the urban markets.




  • Aarika Solanki, Arpit Agarwal, Mala Srikanth, Sandhya Menon, Sarah Thomas, Sandhya Srinivasan and Chahal Garg.
  • Dastkar
  • Lahe Lahe
  • Peeli Dori


  • Conservation Leadership Programme
  • Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

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