Vani Sreekanta

Alumnus, Education and Public Engagement


As a child, I spent much of my time on a small plantation in a tiny village on the Western Ghats. My fondest memories are of ostensibly herding cattle but really of following them about while they did their thing. I climbed trees, gorged on stolen fruit, caught tadpoles, gathered flowers.  As such, my connection to the natural world is a bit tactile and mostly emotional. The joy of being outdoors chasing fireflies defies description. Now, as  project associate, SeasonWatch, I work on getting school kids outdoors, and looking at trees. Get them to watch the seasons go by. Make connections, and connect with the natural world.

When I grow up, I want to study anthropology and look at conservation at the intersection of current culture, cultural inheritance, and the psychology behind it. 


Pongamia jmgarg


Join us in studying the seasonality of trees!

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