Munib Khanyari

Research Affiliate, High Altitudes

Img 0608

Being born amongst the beautiful mountains of Kashmir meant that nature was always a part of my life. I completed my schooling in Mumbai and subsequently obtained a BSc in Environmental Biology (Wildlife Biology) from McGill University, Canada. Through multiple research experiences that took me from the caves of Panama, to rainforests of Costa Rica and the steppe of Central Asia, I realised the importance the environment and its species truly hold both for me and the entire living planet. With the help of these experiences and much more in the making, I aim to work on social and ecological issues/questions in relation to wild species and their populations. The mountains hold a special place in my heart and accentuate this passion of mine. I strongly believe that good science breeds sustained conservation . Someone wise once told me, “if you aren’t drowning, then head towards rougher waters”. This is what I aim to do!

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