Garima Bhatia

Project Manager, Education and Public Engagement

Garima photo

I am a chemical engineer by training and a nature lover by passion. When and how the passion overtook the training is difficult to say, but after working for ten years in the automotive industry trying to control emissions from diesel vehicles, I decided to shift gears and fully indulge my multiple interests, of which birdwatching and travel are at the top of the list. I am also a bird photographer and occasional writer, and volunteer for various social/environmental causes in the community where I live.

I joined NCF in June 2014 to work on a programme to create educational resources to interest children in birds and birdwatching. I feel the next generation will be faced with unprecedented environmental challenges when they grow up, and an early connection with nature will go a long way towards making them responsible custodians of our future planet.



Early Bird

Materials and curriculum for introducing children to birds


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