Annapoorna Daithota

Project Manager, Western Ghats



At NCF's south Bengaluru office, I look after the accounts and administration. I hold a Bachelors degree in Arts and completed my secretarial practice and a diploma in animation. I was working in a production house before I came into wildlife conservation as a full-time profession.  I love trekking, travelling and reading books.



  • Journal Article
    Roads emerging as a critical threat to leopards in India?
    Cat News 60 Spring 2014 (30)

    PDF, 565 KB

    Leopards (Panthera pardus) face severe threat from poaching, loss of habitat and killing in retaliation to conflict. However, in India a new threat appears to be emerging in the form of vehicle accident mortalities. In the past 60 months 23 leopards have been recorded as killed due to road accidents in the southern Indian state of Karnataka alone. When roads overlap with important wildlife habitats, considerable scrutiny and critical conservation planning is urgently required

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